Safety Advice

Electronic devices are, unquestionably, an important part of modern life. Just as driving a car, there are certain basic safety measures. This is especially important as parents define safety parameters for their child. Mobile devices deserve no less and DIGITAL EYE STRAIN is worrying.

Here are some facts and safety tips:

  1. Prolonged use, as while gaming, can result in focusing problems. Do ensure your child’s eyes are checked.   

  2. Reduced blinking can lead to irritation and dry eyes (sometimes seen as tearing). Do encourage breaks at least once per hour.

  3. Eyestrain can lead to headaches and blurred distance vision.

  4. Difficulty focusing can manifest as excessive blinking, rubbing and/or rubbing the eyes.


Helpful hints for you hard working parents:

  1. Get your child’s eyes checked. It will be one of your best decisions.

  2. Encourage your child to wear their glasses please.

  3. Attend all appointments with your eye care providers.

  4. Pay attention if your child complains.

  5. Incorporate outdoor activities

  6. Protective eyewear (during sports)

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