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                                     DO WASH HANDS THOROUGHLY                                        






  1. Wash, clean and dry your hands before interacting with your contact lenses.

  2. Adhere to your wearing and replacement schedules prescribed by your practitioner. 

  3. Remove contact lenses if your eyes become red, irritated or vision is blurred and consult your eye care provider urgently.

  4. Use fresh solution for cleaning, rinsing or storing contact lenses, every time.

  5. Clean and disinfect your contact lenses after each removal with fresh solution, using the lens care system recommended.

  6. Clean your contact lens case with recommended solution and replace case every three months. 

  7. Keep all solutions closed when not in use

  8. Discard contact lenses and solutions once they have passed the expiration date.



UNSAFE- Please ensure you DO NOT:     

  1. Sleep with your contact lenses. 

  2. Any interaction between water and your lenses.

  3. Do not swim or shower with your contact lenses.

  4. Use contact lenses beyond its recommended wearing time and replacement schedule. 

  5. Use water of any kind, solutions not recommended or saliva to clean, store or lubricate your contact lenses. 

  6. Share your contact lenses with anyone or borrow lenses from anyone. 

  7. Re-use contact lens solutions or “topping up” lens cases with new solution.   

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