Our team is passionate about ensuring your child get the best quality care.

Our Cool school vision clinic is specifically designed using a multidisciplinary team for your child’s best vision. 

Neither you nor your child may realise there are visual problems. This can have a considerably negative impact on your child’s education, future and visual development.

Our ‘Cool School Vision Clinic’ provides he following:

Multidisciplinary team approach of highly skilled professionals:

Ophthalmologist: Anatomical examination including digital photography
Optometrist: Refraction with
ZEISS automated computerized system
Optician: BEST FIT as this is critical to achieving excellent vision

It is important to note that spectacle wear helps your child as follows:

  1. Better performance at school

  2. Increased reading speed

  3. Increased confidence

  4. Increased arithmetic capability

  5. Decreased tiredness and anxiety

  6. Reduced headaches.

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