Contact Lens Fitting

We aim to provide comfort, clarity and the convenience you desire and deserve. Look and feel independent.


All contact lenses whether worn for vision purposes or just for cosmetic reasons are medical devices. For your safety, please only use lenses dispensed by a professional qualified specifically in the fitting of contact lenses.


Assessment- Our trained Optometrist/Optician will assess your prescription, evaluate your expectations and examine the health of the ocular surface. This is done via a biomicroscope.


Fitting- A computerise image of the cornea is acquired by our Zeiss Intelligent System. This ensure an accurate prescription for the clearest vision.


Trial lens- You will be given a trail lens set and be taught how to safely handle your new lenses.

Instruction- New comers are welcomed. We aim to teach safe practices. You will be surprised at how easy it is.

Fit Check- We aim for excellent vision, comfort and safety. Once you are pleased, you call call and fast-track your orders.


Follow up- Your follow up appointments are important for your safety. Additionally, if there are any concerns, please come in urgently.


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Types of Contacts
There are many kinds of contact lenses. Our experts will ensure the best choice for you. Some reasons you may wish wear contact lenses are as follows:
(a) Improved quality of vision. Contact lenses provide improved vision vs spectacles
(b) Contact lenses are more cosmetically attractive as per your taste.
(c) Can replace reading glasses for presbyopia patients and avoid surgery.
(d) Coloured/cosmetic lenses eg Carnival or Halloween- we are the safest choice for you.

We offer all Brands: Accuvu, Alcon, Baush & Lomb, Air Optics, Fresh Look.


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Get Futuristic with Smart Contact Lenses.
Contact lenses are hot in digital research for use in smartphone (Sony) and medical technology such as monitoring blood glucose.  Also see Trigger-Fish for glaucoma monitoring. The future is exciting!