We use precision technology: Zeiss Vision Care technology (the only one in T&T) and Nidek automated systems.

(1) Vision assessment includes: analysing your last prescription, pre-assessment screening (Zeiss autorefractor and Zeiss non-contact tonometer).
(2) Defining your expectations- what you desire from your new spectacles and/or concerns about the health of your eyes.
(3) Zeiss Intelligent Automated Phoropter- to enable the most accurate prescription for your specific visual needs. 





(4) Design- personalized measurements are important for optimal vision. We also discuss the most suitable material, design and manufacture of your lenses. We specialise in thin lenses.
(5) Ophthalmic assessment to guide your eye-health: myopia/ retinal expertise, glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic eye disease.
(6) We are especially focused on pediatric eye care. 

FREE Dry Eye Evaluation, Eye Pressure test (IOP) and Blood Pressure.
FREE patient information leaflet (ask our experts eyecare team): diabetes, glaucoma, myopia etc.